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The cost of advance treatment is not only very high but involve high level of risk and morbidity. Preventive Thealthcare approach is the only way to significantly reduce the risk of premature death, CAD (Heart disease), stroke, Hypertension (B.P), Diabetes and many more life threatening diseases. Regular screening and check-up followed by professional advise along with regular exercise is the key for healthy, happy and prosperous life. Regular screening helps in early detection of a problem and reduces the future diseases risks. Most of the health problems that humanity face today are preventable or manageable through early screening.

Dentek brings you an exclusive Annual Health card which provide you extensive healthcare screening Dservices. Dentek is the only organization offering you complete healthcare screening services under one roof. The screening services include Complete health check-up, dental check-up, diagnostic services, Alternative therapies and many more benefits under one single card.

Team Dentek invites you to join us Today. Leave your healthcare to us and enjoy a healthy life with a beautiful smile.


  • Free Comprehensive Dental
  • Checkup, Dental Cleaning, Dental Scaling, Dental Polishing.
  • F ree Diagnostic Services.
  • Free Comprehensive Medical Checkup.
  • Free Alternative Therapy Services.
  • 50% Discount on online consultation.
  • Guaranteed discounts in treatments, if needed under network clinics.
  • Discounts on wellness programs.
  • Our network doctors follow international quality protocols and sterilization protocols.
  • Free Dentek e-newsletter.
  • Regular updates on keeping yourself
  • fit and many more .....

Card Feature :

1.  - Comprehensive dental check-up - twice a year
    - dental scaling - once a year
    - dental cleaning - once a year
    - dental polishing - once a year

2. Comprehensive Medical check-up by a qualified physician - once a year

3. Diagnostic tests - blood profile, cholesterol, Hb, blood sugar, B.P, Thyroid, LFT, KFT, ECG (if above 50 years), - once a year

4. Alternative Therapy - - A 3 day program on detoxification of body and preventive healthcare using Acupressure, Sujok, Magnetotherapy, Yoga, Pranayam etc. -once a year.

Apart from above services, you will be entitled for the following benefits :
     - 50% on Online consultation
     - guaranteed discounts in treatment, if needed under network clinic only.
     - Discounts on wellness programs.
     - Free Dentek e- newsletter.
     - Regular updates on keeping fit.


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