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Dentek-Taking care of your healthcare needs from PREVENTION to CURE

Dentek Policy- Quality, Ethical Practice, Patient Care – Dentek is a network of more than 500 super speciality doctors & hospitals All over India. Dentek offers above 650 types of dental treatments, cosmetic treatments, medical treatments, surgical treatments, alternative therapies, diagnostic services, radiology services etc. These treatments are done by experienced, qualified and dedicated professionals who meet the criteria set by Dentek for ensuring International Quality, Ethical Practices, and Patient Care.

Dentek Facilities: Health Card (Executive & Royal), Second Opinion, Online Consultation Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery, Lasers, Pain Management, General Surgery Cardiology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, IVF, Oncology, Stem Cell Gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology, Urology, Diagnostics, Radiology Alternative Therapies.

Why Choose Dentek?

Commitment to Patients: We provide a comprehensive approach to the delivery of dental/ medical care services, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our patients. We take pride in providing the highest-quality care to our patients at par with any international standards. Our reputation for excellence and unparalleled expertise bring patients to us from India and throughout the world. Our services range from routine dental and medical health care to every specialty in medical sciences. We have a dedicated team of specialists covering all branches of medicine. They are highly qualified and experienced and have skill and expertise to deal with all dental/ medical problems.

Technology: Dentek is the leader in dental and medical health care, research and related technologies. We offer digital radiography, including 3-D CBCT which significantly reduces patient radiation exposure compared with previous technology.

Convenience. Dentek’s chain of Dental/ medical Centres are located in all major cities of India where where one can easily reach here from any part of India or from abroad.

We offer finest infrastructure facility for dental/ medical treatments in Asia. We have world class infrastructure in our associated clinics for patient’s maximum comfort and privacy.

We have tie-ups with major clinics and hospitals and all our hospitals functions as per our Q.E.P protocol which means International quality, Ethical Practice and Excellence in patient care and all of this comes with affordability.

Management: Dentek is managed by a team of healthcare and healthcare promotion specialists with decades of experience in the Healthcare headed by Dr Neeraj Kaushik, who has been associated with Healthcare industry for more than two decades.

Dentek is specially focusing on preventive healthcare as it is easy to get a disease but very difficult to get rid of it. Preventive healthcare is crucial in today’s sedentary lifestyle environment as the cost of advance treatment is not only very high, but involve high level of risk and morbidity. Preventive healthcare approach is the only way to significantly reduce the risk of premature death, CAD (Heart disease), stroke, Hypertension (B.P), Diabetes and many more life threatening diseases. Regular screening and check-up followed by professional advice along with regular exercise is the key for healthy, happy and prosperous life. Regular screening helps in early detection of a problem and reduces the future diseases risks. Most of the health problems that humanity face today are preventable or manageable through early screening. A perfect health means perfect productivity and a great economic advantage.

Keeping this important need in mind, Dentek brings you an exclusive Annual Health check-up card which provides you extensive healthcare screening services. Dentek is the only organization offering you complete healthcare screening services under one roof. This is an integrated approach for perfect health. The screening services include complete health check-up, dental check-up, diagnostic services, Alternative therapies and many more benefits under one single card. This card is available in three categories:

  • Executive Health check-up card
  • Privilege Health check-up card
  • Premium Health check-up card

These are the only cards which provide you comprehensive screening including dental care, diagnostics care, medical care and natural care.

Dentek invites you to opt for this card today and cover the risk associated with modern lifestyle. Leave your healthcare to us and enjoy a healthy and productive life with a beautiful smile.

Dentek offers second opinion / online consultation. Second opinion is an effective way to ensure the previous diagnosis and treatment, it helps to confirm a diagnosis and hear second opinion on the best treatment available. As medical expenditures are high and risks are involved in life threatening diseases, it is always advisable to seek second opinion to ensure the line of treatment. Dentek offers you second opinion option & this process is very simple:

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